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Aurélie van der Voort

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    Hi, I am Aurélie

    You don’t know me? You will soon find out!

    As said, my name is Aurelie van der Voort, a student and a dressage horse rider.

    I was born in 1998 and graduated from High School and at this moment, I’m studying Arabic-Dutch linguistics at the University of Antwerp. I live in the suburbs of Antwerp together with my parents and my 2 loyal and lovely cats, Donald and Diesel. I love traveling and of course, horse dressage.

    How do I spend my days? Well, during the day you can find me at the university but in the evenings, I fully go for my passion : horse-ride my lovely Domingo!!!

    My love for horses already hit me at the age of 5 and to date, it’s still my greatest passion ! The real horse dressage competing began at the age of 8 with my very first pony, Olala.

    One year later, I climbed on the back of my little champ Leilindehoeve’s Evita. Evita being a New Forest mare of 5 when we purchased her. She taught me so much and although it hasn’t been always very easy, it was her who learned me to keep going on at all times and to never give up. I really owe her a lot ! And it was also thanks to her that we won 2x the Regional Antwerp Championship in level 0 and level 1.

    At the age of 12, my next pony, Capirossi WE came along! He was really something! A very high talented pony but unfortunately he suffered from injuries making him unfit for the horse dressage. So now, at the age of 9, he is enjoying the ‘field life’. But before spending his time on a green pasture, he and I won the Pikeur Eskadron Trophy back in 2012 and we became the winners of the VOR (Regional Antwerp Championship).

    While Capirossi was trying to get well again, I moved on to my new challenge, a beautiful pony of 17 years, Da Vinci. And man, he had a lot of international experience, a lovely character and most important, he really loved his ‘work’. He know every trick in the book and it’s incredible to realise how much he learned me ! It was with Da Vinci, that I started horse-riding on a National and International level.

    13, time flies!!!! Time to move on to the bigger ‘stuff’.

    I had to say goodbye to the pony’s and welcome the real horses!!!!! My parents purchased 5 year old Domingo. I hardly can express how lucky I am with such a great horse ! He has an impeccable character and he just loves to work ! He is also a very happy horse and always in for a huge cuddle. And because of the love we share, we became 2nd in that Dutch Mac Rider cup – M level.

    2015 was our first year in the Junior level and we had the opportunity to participate in a few International competitions such as Drachten, Keysoe, Lier. In 2016 we ended on the 3rd place in the Belgian Championship. I currently started competing in the ‘Young Riders’ and it is my big dream to compete in the ‘Under 25 Grand Prix’ level.

    I want to express my thanks to my trainers Jeanine & Jacqueline Fiechter for all the support, patience and encouraging words. They made me realise that you can’t be successful without making a lot of mistakes! I will always remember their words!

    I know it will be long, hard way to achieve this, but I’m determined to get there and to make my dream come true and for that I’m willing to work very hard and do whatever it takes!
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